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Offering constructive solutions for all our special needs customers, at Hampton Roads Home and Commercial Services, we’ve dealt with accessibility issues in the Hampton Roads area for many year and are one of the premier affordable handicap remodeling contractors in the region. You can receive experienced solutions to your accessibility problems simply by contacting us.

Our training and experience allows us to evaluate your needs and provide smart solutions in the work we do to fulfill your home modification requirements. We provide all the consulting, design, and construction services you need to make your home more accessible and convenient, from handicap ramps and door or hallway widening, to accessible kitchens and bathrooms, a more accessible bedroom, automatic door openers, low-pile carpet/smooth flooring, easy-access closets, easily operated windows, lighting, emergency exits, wheelchair height mailboxes, doorbells, outlets and controls.

Building and home modifications provide barrier-free access and inclusion for any individual, with or without disability. Designers use the term “design for all” to describe products, services and systems designed for use by many individuals and many ability levels. The concept of “barrier-free accessibility” addresses the notion that a disability is a handicap only if it prevents a person from doing what others are able to do freely. If the barrier is non-existent, so is the handicap.

When making a checklist for handicap home modifications, consider the principle of universal design. This philosophy centers around the creation of environments accessible and usable to all people, to the greatest possible extent, regardless of abilities or age. While different disabilities call for different modifications and you’ll ultimately need to have an in-depth discussion of individualized modifications with your contractor and occupational or physical therapist, a general breakdown of common customizations helps ensure a thorough execution of universal design principles.

In the kitchen and bathroom, the most utililized rooms of the home, fixtures call for lots of customization. Lowered counter tops with knee spaces underneath allow wheelchair access. Also in the kitchen, low-oriented pull-out shelves and rotating lazy Susans bolster accessibility, while clearly marked, front-mounted stove and oven controls increase safety. In the bathroom, grab bars and bath tub or shower seating ensure stability while bathing. Utilitarian modifications such as garbage disposals and handheld showerheads offer additional convenience and accessibility.

For instance:

  • Individual needs assessment working alongside physical and ocupational therapists!
  • A total home evaluation to determine what changes can be made to keep you healthy, independent, and safe!
  • Show you how to create an accessible route throughout your home through proven accessibility standards!
  • Overcome any existing architectural barriers through Universal Design techniques!
  • Solve all aging in place issues while increasing your independence and safety while you remain in your existing home!
  • Increase your personal safety in an accessible bath or kitchen!
  • We offer all types of products including personal lifts and home automation using automatic door openers and WiFi controlled light switches!
  • We can provide you with an accessible workplace for those working from home!

You do not have to lose your independence while living in your own home. Let us show you how to gain the accessibility and safety you desire while increasing the value of your home as it will appeal to not only the fully mobile sector but to those seeking accessibility.

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