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If you have a problem toilet that always seems to clog, continue running, or lacks flushing power, or if you are in need any sort of toilet repair or replacement, you can count on the licensed plumbing specialists from Hampton Roads Home and Commercial Services to solve your problems.

Over the years, your toilet can run into many different issues that will leave you frustrated and feeling helpless. One of the most common issues is a toilet that will not flush properly. Most toilet issues don’t require replacing the toilet, but you may need a little help from your experts for toilet repair in Hampton Roads to get your toilet back to normal working conditions.

Constantly Running Toilet: If you find that your toilet runs constantly or for a long time after you flush it, there may be a leak somewhere or an off-kilter installation. A fill valve that has failed and needs replaced is one of the more common issues we run into with a running toilet.

Another issue we see is when the tank is filling with water after you flush the toilet, the flapper needs to be positioned properly over the drain. If the flapper is not in the proper position, it allows water to leak into the bowl causing the toilet to run excessively. This problem can be alleviated through the installation of a new flapper. Less common issues may be a hairline crack in the toilet tank or a failed tank to bowl seal.

Toilet Not Flushing at All: There are a few things that could be causing this problem. If there is no water in the tank, there may be an issue with the water line that supplies water to the tank. If there’s plenty of water, then another issue may be that the chain connected to the flapper is broken.

Weak Flush: Oftentimes, this is caused by dirt or other deposits blocking the flow of water underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. This is usually easily fixed by scrubbing the rim with a wire brush and a good toilet cleaner. If you do this and still experience issues, you may need to contact your local plumbers at Hampton Roads Home and Commercial Services for further assistance. Occasionally if the water level in your tank is not where it needs to be, your toilet doesn’t have the proper head pressure to operate with normal flushing power.

Gurgling Toilet Sound: When you hear gurgling sounds in the tubs and sinks when you flush the toilet. This usually means that the vent pipe is clogged. If you hear a gurgling sound coming from your toilet after you flush, this is a good indicator that your main sewer line is clogged. While this problem is not a toilet issue, our team at Hampton Roads Home and Commercial Services is happy to come out and cable your sewer line to clear the blockage. Learn more about our video camera sewer inspection services here.

If you find yourself with a toilet that isn’t working properly, contact your local plumbing professionals at Hampton Roads Home and Commercial Services. We will arrive promptly and have your toilet back up and running in a timely manner.

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A leaky pipe has a sneaking way of putting a damper on any occasion. As a family-owned company, we understand that emergencies can happen anytime. We are open 24/7 to be of service when an emergency hits. Call us anytime here in the areas of Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, Norfolk or Virginia Beach!

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    We woke up and expected a typical morning and stepped into a puddle of water in both our bathrooms. This is the first time we’ve had plumbing issues since moving into our home last year. I looked on Nextdoor and so many people recommended … More Cecilia’s Home Repairs. They were very responsive through text and called me when they said they would. Anthony arrived right on time and got to work to assess and fix the issue. He informed us of what caused the toilets to leak out and advised us on what to do next if we experience issues again. Truly professional and provided courteous service. So glad we found a trusted home service company in our area! We definitely would recommend to anyone!
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    This is the 2nd time I've used Cecilia's Home Repairs, and both times they've been ultra responsive, and performed high quality work at a reasonable price. I've primarily used their plumbing services, but based on the … More work done, I'd feel comfortable with them handling any repair or install. 5 outta 5 star performers - check em out!